Fuming father invades Abuja school, beats up teacher for beating child

A crisis broke out at Aces Nursery Primary and Secondary School in Abuja when a father, Muhammed Jimeta assaulted a teacher, Sekinat Adedeji for allegedly beating his daughter, Karima Jimeta. The incident occurred on Tuesday, May 28, 2024. Recounting her ordeal, the teacher, Sekinat Adedeji, said she was holding her three-month-old baby when her pupil’s father, Jimeta, assaulted her. According to her, she teaches the female pupil, Karima Jimeta, in basic three.

She said, “It happened around 12:30 pm on the 29th of May, 2024 when I used a ruler on her leg when she and others were disturbing and were asked to kneel. “She gave me ‘wanka’, that was why I beat her on the leg with a small ruler.” Pronounced as “uwarka” in Hausa, literally meaning ‘Your Mother’, it is an abusive word used by stretching out one’s five fingers toward a person.

Adedeji continued, “The father slapped me four times close to 4 pm because school closes at 3 pm. His daughter reported what happened at 12.30 pm to him at the close of school when he came to pick her up. “The child is not serious with her studies and insults teachers that come to the class.” A parent who witnessed the incident, Magdalene Ukuedojor, alleged that the female pupil has a habit of insulting everyone, stressing that the father had no justification to lay hands on a nursing mother and teacher of his child. She said, “The teacher has a three-month-old baby. She carries her baby in a carrier. This man beat her up while she was carrying this baby in front of little children.